Photographs as family history, part 2…

Last month, we talked about taking your precious family photos out of dangerous storage locations. Read on to find out how to handle them properly!

Rescuing your printed photographs

Handling your printed photos properly and putting them into the right “environment” is key to ensuring they last a long time. Here’s what to do…

  • Look for new albums or storage boxes labelled “Archival”. Boxes should be clean and dry, made of metal or archival board, and designed for photo storage. Don’t use plastic storage bins from the dollar store – they can leach acids and other harmful chemicals over time. Check online or in photo supply stores.
  • Use white cotton “editor’s gloves” when handling old photos, to avoid transferring invisible grease or bacteria from your hands to the photos.
  • Remove any tape, glue, staples, paper clips or rubber bands that are touching the photographs…unless doing so will damage them. If someone has used tape to repair a tear, take it to a framer or art restorer to replace, so you don’t further damage the photograph.

Next month: tips on properly labeling your photos!

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